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02/01/2016 21:02

It really saddens me to see such belligerent and "holier than thou" attitudes by vegans towards others trying their best to be vegan. Most of us were meat eaters and non vegans at some stage, how would we have liked being belittled when we started out because we got things wrong, or just took a little longer than someone else in actually going totally vegan? I've seen this behavior on so many social media sites and on so many Facebook groups it's actually quite disgusting.

If someone is trying to change to veganism SUPPORT THEM, don't deride them, just remember... they might succeed!!

Some people find it very hard to go vegan and take a bit longer than others, maybe because they love the taste of meat, or cheese, or whatever... but they do it for the animals... that doesn't stop the fact that they miss some foods it actually shows just how committed they are to refuse something they might love to eat in favor of their new found ethics.

As Gary Yourofsky said in his famous speech on veganism:

".........quote me right now: I LOVE THE WAY MEAT TASTES. LOVE IT! Cheese... LOVE IT! Cows milk and eggs... LOVE IT! Guilty as charged. I did not stop eating this stuff because of a 'taste' issue. I stopped for ethics. Morality. Decency. Compassion to the animals that I share this planet with."

Video: Gary Yourofsky - Best Speech you will ever hear

Veganism is not about being absolutely 100% pure and free of animal products. In reality none of us are; besides watching the food you eat, your household products and cosmetics, to eliminate all forms of animal use in products you will need to give up and get rid of things like...

Computers (The plastic and rubber components contain stearic acid, which is used to stabilize them against heat)

Many of your electronics - Anything with LCD screens - Batteries - Glue (which will be in some of your furniture or musical instruments, etc) - Plywood - Wood (takes away the habitat of wildlife) - Most condoms - Plastic grocery bags (manufactured using a 'slip agent' made of animal fat.) - Fireworks - Paper - Tools that have any moving parts will have lubricants that contain animal fats 

Vaccines, most painkillers, almost all medication, including the medication your companion animal receives at the vet 

Cars! or any form of transport; the car frame components are lubricated from grease using animal fat and the rubber and plastic used in tyres, tubing etc are hardened using tallow... the only true method of vegan transportation is your own two feet!

So lets be realistic for a moment and revisit the vegan edict:

"Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, AS FAR AS IS POSSIBLE AND PRACTICAL, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose"

But, to all those vegans out there who scoff at others who may be struggling or slipping up now and then... those who believe they are so "pure" because they have now been vegan for XX years, or they went vegan overnight, or they hated meat, dairy, etc., anyway so it was easy, or that only their way of veganism is right...

Get rid of your computer... your smartphone... and start walking! OH wait... watchout for ants!

Just my Opinion...

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